If you felt good

happy face“I feel good”.  How long has it been since you said or thought that?  Does that bring back memories of your younger days?  Are there things you would like to do but don’t because of pain?  Are there things you … Read More

Paying Attention

paying attention girlDo you have times that you need somebody to pay attention to you?  We all have times that we hope nobody is paying attention to us.  Maybe you were a bit (or a lot) clumsy.  Maybe it wasn’t one of … Read More

The value of working slowly

Turtle cartoonAs a massage school student, I learned a particular routine that I used in the school clinic.  It was encouraged so we could have a guideline to know about how much time to spend on each area and to develop … Read More

Massage is like having a housecleaner

massage is like house cleaningPeople hire a housecleaner because they need cleaning done.  They have messes and they might not have the expertise or time to take care of it properly.  They might have a stain that they don’t know how to remove.  Maybe … Read More

Is it okay to fall asleep during a massage?

sleeping during a massage                  It’s been a long week. You’re tired, achey, and you’ve neglected yourself for far too long for the sake of ‘fill in the blank’. (Viable options might be kids, spouse, elderly parents, job, second job…) And NOW, you have … Read More

Welcome to MassageSchool.org

the easiest place to find and contact the massage school of your choice.

The massage school you decide to attend will greatly impact your future career as a massage therapist, so it’s important to have all the facts before you enroll. If you have established you are interested in entering a massage therapy program, but aren't sure what to do next, we can help. We have in-depth school listings with detailed profiles that you can view for free. When you find a school or program that interests you on our site, you can contact the organization directly from the page for more information. Our goal here at MassageSchool.org is to make the process of becoming a practicing, professional massage therapist as simple and stress free as possible. You can also learn more about the massage industry on our massage training blog.

Massage therapy schools are surprisingly affordable, and their programs are designed to accommodate your busy schedule. Whether you want to train part-time while still keeping your current job, or are interested in a full time or even extended program, there are educational paths to suit your preference. Indeed, massage schools make it possible for you to earn your degree and certification the way you want, in the educational environment you choose.

Certified, licensed massage therapists are able to select from a wide range of employment options, have a flexible schedule, a competitive salary, and work in a field that deals directly with helping people to relax and heal. Not only is the occupation of massage therapist expected to add jobs at a faster than average rate between now and 20201 but it has also been named as one of the 50 Best Careers of 2011 by US News.2

In addition to choosing the environment in which you’d like to work, massage therapy offers a variety of career paths as well-- from different techniques on which to focus, to the option to work full time or part time. A massage therapist’s salary can be a combination of wages and tips 3 and can range anywhere from below $17,970 (the bottom 10%) to upwards of $69,000 (the top 10%) per year. 4

Wherever you envision yourself working, be it a hospital, private practice, or spa, we have information on the massage schools you need in the locations you want. Explore different school campus offerings, lengths and focuses of programs, and continuing education options all from right in front of your computer.

The field of massage therapy is growing every day, and certified, licensed massage therapists are in demand. Take advantage of our free service, and get the information you need to begin training for a career as a massage therapist right away.

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