Massage is like having a housecleaner

massage is like house cleaning

People hire a housecleaner because they need cleaning done.  They have messes and they might not have the expertise or time to take care of it properly.  They might have a stain that they don’t know how to remove.  Maybe … Read More

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Is it okay to fall asleep during a massage?

sleeping during a massage

                  It’s been a long week. You’re tired, achey, and you’ve neglected yourself for far too long for the sake of ‘fill in the blank’. (Viable options might be kids, spouse, elderly parents, job, second job…) And NOW, you have … Read More

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You’re massaging me too fast!

Massage: Therapist massaging too fast

A conversation requires one person to speak and the other to listen. The second part then, gives a relevant response based on what the first part has said. Think of massage as a conversation. When we move quickly on the … Read More

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Should I take my underwear off during a massage?


Should I take my underwear off? Well that depends. Usually Yes, but sometimes No. Please find and match an example below to your current status: If you have complaints regarding pretty much any muscle group close to where your underwear … Read More

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How do you handle a massage client you can’t help?

As massage therapists, there’s so much we can do to help people. From helping to heal our clients’ bodies with our various techniques, to being the one person all week who has actually listened to them. Giving them a quiet … Read More

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Why become a massage therapist?


As I’ve mentioned- probably ad nauseum- a few times before, I was a public school teacher with a steady income, good benefits, and a solid retirement plan. When I left teaching to become a massage therapist, I had to field … Read More

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What aspects of massage therapy do you appreciate?


In the last couple days leading up to Thanksgiving, I am compelled to reflect on the things and people I am blessed with. There are countless things to be thankful for, and I do my best to recognize these things … Read More

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The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Infants


Adults aren’t the only people who enjoy a relaxing massage. It turns out that your infant also benefits from it in various ways. A mother’s touch throughout the day maintains the parental bond and the infant’s feeling of well-being. But … Read More

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Explore New Massage Techniques and Change Up Old Routines


Listen, I’m all for the cookie cutter massage. Sometimes it’s what people actually WANT. And after reading this article by Tracy Bradley, I was convinced that it’s a wonderful way to keep your long term clients happy unless they ask … Read More

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Treating Clients with Kindness


Life can be rough sometimes.   We try to squeeze a lot into our days, so even when things are relatively smooth sailing it can be a lot to manage.  We encounter stress from work, home, friends and families, social activities, … Read More

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