What are Massage Therapy Modalities?

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There are over eighty recognized massage therapy techniques, or “modalities,”[1], but some are more popular than others. When researching massage therapy training programs, it’s also important to learn about the different types of massage techniques available to study so you can find the program, and techniques, that are right for you.

Here are some of the most common modalities found practiced by licensed massage therapists across the board of massage settings: Swedish massage, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Shiatsu Massage, Thai Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Reflexology Massage, Sports Massage, Lomi Lomi, Craniosacral, Myofascial Release, Chair Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Reiki and Trigger Point Therapy.

In addition to these, there are several specialties available to learn like Mowen Technique, Alexander Technique, Rolfing, Trager and others.

Finding the modalities you want to focus on can be a challenge, but it is beneficial to take the time before you start your training to narrow your interests. This, in turn, can help you make other decisions about your career as a professional massage therapist.

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