Interview with Kate Reust

What is your name?   Kate Reust

Where do you practice massage therapy?  Downtown Seattle and West Seattle private studios

Are you an employee or self-employed? Self

What year did you begin practicing massage therapy? 1991 … omg that feels like just yesterday!

Describe your practice, the modalities you use, and what you try to achieve.  The philosophy at Omsho Crysalis is that it does not have to hurt to heal.  We use all of our experience to tailor the session to the clients needs.  From Ashiatsu and nearly painless deep tissue release to cranial intraoral treatment.  It’s about helping the body reclaim an ease of motion and balance.  Once you help the body restore natural balance, it can then go back to healing itself as it was designed.   We also use Dead Sea care products by Seacret (r) for our arthritis care program and spa facial experiences.   We blend holistic care as well to help all systems return to alignment – from ionic foot detox therapy to homeopathic remedies from Energetix.

What kind of experience do you want your clients to have during a massage?   That it is ALL about them and what they need from the session.  We can’t promise to heal you in a session – we didn’t get the way our bodies are overnight.  But we can help you to recognize how to become present in your body again and aware of what you need more quickly.

What do you enjoy most about being a massage therapist?  The “oh wow thank you” !  To see patients progress from pain/injury to wellness and healing.

Is there anything else that you’d like to describe about your practice?  What your body needs will not be what the prior or the next patient needs.  Experience the care of being our total focus!

Which massage school did you attend?  Brenneke School in 1990

On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the best) how would you rate your school? 5!

What was your favorite part about your school? I was blessed to be the 2nd class through Brenneke.  It fostered an environment of caring and great education.

Describe additional education, formal or informal, you have received since graduating from massage school.  Continuing training in many types of modalities.  Certified as a Reiki Master.   Have taught advanced massage training workshops for LMP’s

What advice would you give to prospective massage therapists about education?  About practicing massage?  Education – Remain open to different ways of learning – but know what fits you best!   Practice – stick with it!  You’ll pay dues working for less $ in the early years – but you’ll also build clients, experience and self awareness and confidence.  It’s the confidence clients are attracted to – and when you can combine it with expertise and a great experience it’s a Win / Win !

What is the one thing you wish you had known before starting your journey as a massage therapist? LOL .. more business knowledge.  If you’re going to do your own practice – take some business classes at the college!  Accounting, advertising & Promotions, Staffing regulations, etc.