Lastone Therapy

What is the name of the Business / School?

LaStone Therapy

Where are you located?

Our home office is located in Mesa, Arizona. LaStone® is taught in 47 different countries and has a database of over 35 thousand therapists worldwide. We have more than 27 different courses in which to study and be certified in LaStone® methodologies.

How long have you been in business?

LaStone Therapy originated in 1993.

Accreditations or other certifications or awards?

LaStone Therapy is Accepted By: IMA, ABMP, AMTA, GTA, NCBTM Provider #146289-00, Irish Massage Therapists Association

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Phone Number:

(866) 553-0596 or (480) 516-4736

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Tell us a little something about your business:

Lastone therapy is the Original Stone massage using heated and chilled stones.

What is it?

LaStone Therapy is the application of geo-thermotherapy, using deep penetrating heated stones alternating with chilled stones to bring about chemical release within the body’s systems. LaStone works on every level; body, mind and spirit to create perfect balance.

When, where at by whom was this technique developed?

LaStone Therapy was originated in 1993 by Mary Nelson, in Tucson, Arizona in the United States.

How does this technique differ from other techniques?

Many hot stone massages do not alternate between the various degrees of temperature and only offer hot or warm stones to the body; resulting in a relaxing experience and one that is capable of moving some blood around in the local regions where the heated stone were applied. This type of stone massage is suitable for the client who has no health issues, no pain to relieve, and no inflammation to move out of the body and only wants to relax and feel comfortable.

For those who are looking for a deeper sense of themselves through ceremony, who seek ways to make a chemical change within their constitution and begin the healing process then LaStone® is the methodology that can administer such an experience. The body will journey through multiple levels of healing as the blood, the lymphatic fluids and digestive juices all interact with the stones being applied to the body at various degrees in temperature throughout the session.

LaStone therapy is the Original Stone massage using heated and chilled stones. LaStoneincorporates the science of geo-thermo-therapy, sacred ceremony and the art of stone healing in various forms of body modalities. Therapists discover that the stress and strain to their hands, wrists and arms are virtually eliminated with this technique. The stones and thermal variation do all the heavy work for them. They are able to work more efficiently for longer periods of time.

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) and ABMP’s insurance carrier exempt trained certified LaStone® practitioners from the precaution that prohibits placing stones on or under the body in proper stone placement.

What does this mean for the certified LaStone® practitioner?

This means that the liability insurance, that is a benefit of ABMP membership, will provide coverage to the trained certified LaStone® practitioner who massages with stones directly on the client’s skin along with proper stone placement procedures as taught within the course material of LaStone® therapy courses.

What are the primary indications for this technique or who can benefit from this technique?

Sprains, strains, acute bursitis, chronic tension, acute inflammation, tennis elbow, toothache, headache, fever, sunburn, cerebral congestion, bowel inflammation, constipation, bruises, insect bites, atrophied muscles, osteomyelitis, ulcerated varicose veins, and menstrual cramps are just some of the indications for who can benefit from LaStone Therapy.

Are there any contra-indications?

Following are some conditions where hot stone therapy would be contraindicated for a full 60-90-minute massage; however, these conditions can receive a stone treatment that is based in energy work with both heated and chilled stones offering comfort the body.

  • • Diabetes
  • • Cancer
  • • Autoimmune dysfunctions
  • • Epilepsy
  • • Neuropathy
  • • Heart disease
  • • Skin conditions
  • • Recent surgeries
  • • Pregnancy

* This list is not exhaustive, and massage therapists need to take a client’s full health history as presented during the intake into account before performing hot and cold stone massage.

What should a patient’s goals be with this technique? Relaxation, pain relief, increased flexibility etc.?

LaStone Therapy is a multifaceted technique designed to benefit the client and therapist at once. The therapeutic potential of this treatment goes beyond measure. The physiological benefits of alternating hot and cold to the body have long been scientifically and medically proven, and adjusting different temperatures on the body to aid in healing and to gain certain reactions has been used throughout time. LaStone Therapy capitalizes on these traditional practices with a current approach.

People describe the LaStone treatment as being very nurturing and extremely relaxing. They say it is the deepest treatment they have ever experienced. As an all-around treatment, it is suited for those looking for stress release, relaxation and balancing, or to those needing a workout on their body to be able to move away from injury and into total fitness.

Is this a good technique for a general practice massage therapist to learn or is this more of a technique for specialists (sports, reflexology etc.)

Both general massage therapists and specialists alike would benefit from applying this technique in their practice. LaStone Therapy is the ultimate treatment. It can be aromatherapy, deep-tissue massage, remedial massage, reflexology, healing, shiatsu massage, acupressure, Chinese medicine, facials, manicures, pedicures, relaxation therapy and any other therapy. The stones know no boundaries, only the imagination of the therapist.

How does a therapist go about getting trained in this technique?

To become a Certified LaStone Therapist, a therapist would be invited to participate in a course offered by one of our many LaStone Instructors around the world. Course descriptions and schedules can be found at

Once a therapist has received the training do they need any additional equipment?  If so where can they purchase it?

Hot & Cold Massage stones and all necessary equipment can be purchased at Please contact TIR Massage Stone for questions about products made especially for LaStone Therapy.