5 Most Unusual Specialized Massage Types

A good massage therapist has several massage styles under their belt. Yes, you can stick with the typical massage table and chair, but that doesn’t appeal to people looking for a unique or unusual massage experience. If you want to add something fun and unusual to your massage practice, consider trying some of the following unusual specialized massage techniques.

Chocolate Body Massage

chocolate massage sauce

Image via Flickr by Mrs Mac2007

Just as the name suggests, this type of massage involves spreading melted chocolate over a person’s body — predominantly the back. The sweet smell puts the mind at ease while the warmth of the chocolate relaxes the muscles. A special wand/brush is used to massage the chocolate onto the body.

This specialized massage would be a great service to offer couples that are looking for something fun to do on a date. Plus, women love chocolate, so a chocolate body massage might be a fun thing to promote for girl’s night out.

Full Body Fish Massage

full body fish massage

Image via Flickr by hadsie

With a fish massage, people sit in a small pool of water that has thousands of little fish in it. The fish swim around and eat people’s dead skin cells and massage the body at the same time. Some people only like to put their feet in the pool of fish, but it has several health benefits for the entire body.

Facial Massage with Snails

face snail massage

Image via Flickr by Meat Meaterson

Chilean snails excrete a slime that is said to soften the face. For around $70, people can get a snail massage where snails literally crawl around on their face. Obviously this isn’t a massage that everyone would like, but it is definitely an unusual one that would appeal to people looking for a different massage experience. Chilean snails are larger than the typical snails you find in your garden, but you can probably implement snail massages affordably.

Cupping Massage Treatment

cupping massage treatment

Image via Flickr by the great terrific

Cupping involves placing several small glass cups on a person’s back to relieve pressure. The cups adhere to a person’s back through a vacuum-like pressure — think about how a cup sticks to your face if you suck in and create a seal. The vacuum pressure helps to improve a person’s blood flow and also softens the muscle tissues on the back. Cupping can be done with almost any size cup, so it would be fairly easy to implement in your massage practice.

Snake Back Massage

snake massage

Image via Flickr by Michael Ransburg

In this type of massage, blood circulation is improved as snakes crawl around on a person’s back. Pythons are one of the most common types of snakes used in snake massage because their weight feels good on a person’s back. Lots of people are afraid of snakes, but for people that are not, this type of massage would be fun to try.

What’s the most unusual massage experience you have had? Are we missing anything really unusual from this list?


  • Wow, I can’t imagine people thinking a massage is snakes crawling around on their backs.

  • massageschool

    John, thanks for the comment. Having snakes crawl on my back is not my box of chocolates either and not a massage technique I’d recommend. However I’ve heard of some pretty strange modalities that clients claim to get benefit from. I’m generally pretty open to new modalities but first I have to be convinced that they will do no harm, I’m not sure the snake massage passes this test.

  • shiatsu

    I don’t know what’s worse snails on your face or a big snake on my back!!

  • Is it bad I was more freaked out by the fish massage?