The Massage Blog contest is wrapping up!

trophyIt’s nearing the end of the blog contest, and we’ve had great writers contributing a huge variety of posts. The winner will be determined by the highest amount of social love, that is, Facebook likes and shares, tweets, and Google+ recommendations.

Let’s look at all the posts and make sure you’ve voted (loved) for your favorites!

Stephanie Palermo started us off with Stress, ninjas and taking care of yourself, an important message about self-care and gave us 3 questions to keep our health (and sanity) in check.

In Desperately Seeking Happy Ending, Rianne Chavez explored the ups and downs of search engine keywords, and how massage therapy business are sometime mistaken for sexual service providers. Rianne addressed how to handle communications with someone looking for ‘more’ in Hint, Hint, Wink, Wink.

Laura Meredith contributed Why I Do What I Do, a beautiful look at the variety of clients we serve, a what motivates a massage therapist.

Jodi Anderson debuted with Stop Complaining and Start Making Your Cake!, a firm discussion about the need for continuing education and what motivates massage therapists to lean more.

The Beauty of a Well Executed Effleurage Stroke by Pam Soule brought us back to the core of massage, with a check-in of the most used an perhaps under appreciated technique of effleurage.

Tracy Bradley made us all laugh, and made clients feel more comfortable when she addressed Flatulence & Massage. It happens.

Students: Throw yourself into massage! was jam-packed with Barry Hatfield’s passionate advice for a great massage career. Then Barry went on to convince the masses to Spend ALL your money on massage, for a happier, healthier life.

Lu Mueller-Kaul conquered a very touchy subject for many massage therapists, pricing our services, in Sliding Scale or Slippery Slope: What Should You Charge for a Massage? and offered some great advice from her own massage career to guide us.

There is so much to learn from our colleagues! Be sure you check out all the posts and vote with your heart (and mouse!)

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