We’ve got a Massage Blog Contest WInner!

Two months and ten fantastic blog posts later, we’re ready to declare Tracy Bradley the winner for her honest (and funny) post Flatulence & Massage. It happens.

She addressed the gassy issue from the perspective of the client 

Flatulence happens. To everyone. We have to eat to survive, right? Gas is a naturally occurring, unavoidable body function. If you’ve been a massage therapist for even a short time you’ve likely encountered a client who has passed a little gas…

and the therapist

But what if YOU have gas? Do you know how hard it is to apply more pressure while holding in a toot?! Awkward! Funny faces, changing stances and fierce, painful concentration seem funny after the fact, but in the moment it’s just awful. But it happens.

earning her over 1,000 likes, retweets and shares across social media.

Congratulations, Tracy! And a special thank you to all our contributors!