Chair Massage Jobs, what to bring?

chair massageChair massage jobs. We’ve all done’em. We all get asked to do’em. To me they are frustratingly grand opportunities to make money, connections, or both. I say “frustratingly” because chair massage jobs can be a hassle if you don’t plan well. I’ve compiled a list of must-have supplies to bring to your next chair massage job.

  • Massage chair, obviously
  • Massage chair carrying case (top 10 best inventions ever)
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Disposable face rest covers
  • Paper towels
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Small trash can, or at least a trash bag
  • Massage license (if you are required to have one)
  • Music (ipod, phone, CD player)
  • Tissues
  • Aromatherapy (helps the client disconnect with the surroundings)
  • Business cards, fliers, brochures, magnets, etc
  • Intake forms/Sign-up sheets (be sure to ask permission to get their email address!)
  • Stuff that talks about the awesome benefits of massage
  • Appointment Book
  • Gift Certificates
  • $$Money$$ (You may need to make change)
  • A sign identifying who you are
  • Tote Box with lid

This seems like a whole bunch of stuff to tote around but 10 years of experience has refined this list. And the best part of all? The tote box holds EVERYTHING but the massage chair. After 7 years of dragging some or all of the above around in various tote bags, duffel bags and ugly boxes I bought a pretty purple tote box with lid during a “Back to School Sale.” I bought it for no reason except it was pretty. The next month I was hired to provide chair massage at a bridal shower. There was no way I was showing up to that with my ugly tote bags! In a fit of panic (I was almost running late) I spotted the aforementioned pretty purple tote box in the corner and BAM! My problem was solved!  There was room for everything in the tote box!

A second, awesome use for the tote box is to store the supplies while on the job. Simply unpack what you need and store the rest. I actually keep the trash can in there, along with the paper towels, cleansers and tissue. It keeps the clutter out of the way. Less clutter equals less stress for you. Plus people don’t really want to see all the stuff we carry strewn around the massage chair. Not classy.

When the job is complete just throw it all in, put the lid on and you’re ready to go. I’m able to carry the tote and the massage chair in one trip. When I used several tote bags I often had to make 2 trips to the car. Definitely worth the $7.99 I paid for it! And it’s pretty.

Still think it’s too much ‘stuff’ to drag to a chair massage gig? Certain jobs may require even less. If you’ll be in a loud exhibit hall, like at a health fair, you probably don’t need to bring music.

If you’ve got really high-quality paper towels, in that select-a-size option, they can double as face cradle covers, just take tow, and tear at the perforation, but only halfway up. If you bring a spray bottle of cleaner, you don’t need the disinfecting wipes, either, you can clean with paper towels.

If you’re hip with online scheduling, your smartphone IS your appointment book, so that’s one less thing to carry.

What can you add to this list? What do you bring to a chair massage job? Or, what don’t you bring?

  • Rachel Beider

    Great list! I would also add: Bring a clock/timer to be mindful of how long your sessions are going, and also pack healthy snacks! Chair massage can be tiring work, and bringing along easy to eat snacks (like nuts, apple slices, carrot sticks) can make a big difference. Also be sure to take gum or breath mints if you’re eating between clients. Thanks again for the list! -Rachel Beider, LMT