What does a professional massage therapist offer

Some people like massage and what it does for them.  Others are curious if it is worth the cost.  Everybody likes to save money and there are times that money is tight.  In many areas of life we look for ways to either do things ourselves or explore less expensive solutions.

Sometimes a quick fix eventually makes things worse and costs far more in the long run than if we had corrected it properly early on.

Some possessions are expensive and costly to repair or replace.  We don’t let just anybody work on our plumbing – we don’t want a leak later that will cause damage.  We also want the water to be available when we want it, and not wonder if we will have hot water for a shower.

We look for a trusted mechanic for our vehicles.  We want repairs done properly so it will be reliable.  We want it to start on a cold dark night and to get us home safely.  We also want our mechanic to be alert for potential problems and advise us of options.  It’s easier and less costly to catch and fix a small problem than a big one.

We seek out experts for important things.  When we consider the consequences we are willing to pay them for their knowledge and guidance.  We don’t take tax, legal, and investment advice from just anybody.  We want somebody who has proper education and experience to guide us to where we want to go.

A professional massage therapist has had the necessary education.  Massage education teaches more than just about how to do the massage strokes.  It also includes learning about muscles, nerves, bones, and how the body functions.  There are times that massage can make things worse, so we learn those signs.  Massage can’t fix everything and we operate in a defined scope of what we can and can’t do.

Ethics is another important area of massage education.  Massage is very personal and a lot of trust is needed for you to truly relax.  Your information is safe with me.  I won’t share it unless legally required and I won’t talk about you to another client or anybody else.  While it is very unlikely that an unusual situation will occur during one of your massages, our massage education has prepared us to handle those things professionally while keeping you safe and at ease.

A professional also is insured in the event that something happens during your session.  You don’t want to leave your massage with a worse problem than you started with and have a legal battle also.

You have only one body.  Value it and treat it well.  As with other things you care for, make sure the person you are trusting to work on it knows what they are doing.  You may find a less expensive option, but as is often the case you get what you pay for.  Do you want to take a chance with your body?



  • I like the way you compare a mechanic who repairs our vehicles with a massage therapist who ‘repairs’ the wear and tear of our body. Although work ethics is a fundamental key to succeed anywhere, it is essential for the therapists as their customers literally hand over their body for a few minutes to them.