Two things your massage therapist does not care about

What you wear during your massage

What you wear during your massage is always your choice.  A major benefit of massage is being able to relax.  Thinking about what you are or are not wearing makes it harder to relax.  You don’t want that thought nagging at you during your massage, so wear what will allow you to truly relax.  Regardless of what you choose to wear, you will be draped with a sheet the whole time except for the area that is being worked on.

Some people take everything off.  Some keep on their underwear.  Some keep everything on or bring clothes to wear during their massage.  Some people wear exercise, yoga, or loose pajama type clothes.  It’s really up to you.

Why do people get undressed at all?  Massage is working on muscles and soft tissue, so it’s easier and can be more effective without clothing between your skin and my hands.  It is not essential though.  Most massage therapists know techniques to work effectively through clothing, and some techniques can be done through the sheet.

If you are interested in trying massage out, chair massage is a great introduction.  Chair massage is done fully clothed so most people feel safer.  You can experience the benefits a professional massage offers without risking any vulnerability.

Massage offers a lot of benefits.  Don’t let an issue of clothing stop you when there are ways to work around it.

Your Appearance

Massage is for everybody and every body.  Bodies of all shapes and sizes can benefit from massage.

Some people are hesitant to schedule a massage because of a body issue.  Almost everybody has a body issue – including massage therapists, so we understand it.  Massage is a great way to help you deal with your issue.  When you body feels good, you feel better about it.

Is your weight under or over the range it should be?  Do you wish you were in better shape and more fit?  Do you have a scar or an injury that you think is unattractive?  Don’t let any of that stop you.  Massage therapists think bodies are wonderful things.  We enjoy working with different types and learn something new from each one.  We make observations about bodies but not judgments.  We have no idea how your body got into the condition it’s in – we just want to help it feel better.

For you health’s sake, we hope you are active (your body likes to move) and that your weight is in a healthy range.  Other than being clean (don’t come in for a massage dripping with sweat from a long workout please) come in as you are.

Most massage therapists don’t look like Olympic athletes or underwear models.  We don’t expect you to either.  If we only worked on professional athletes, models, and cheerleaders we would be out of business quickly.

Talk to somebody if there are obstacles or objections keeping you from getting a massage.  Chat with a friend or somebody who gets massages about what it’s really like.  Call or communicate with a massage therapist.  They will be glad to answer your questions so you can feel comfortable and give massage a try.  Once you do, you will be glad you did.