Paying Attention

Rodney Trepess   September 16, 2015   No Comments on Paying Attention

Do you have times that you need somebody to pay attention to you? 

We all have times that we hope nobody is paying attention to us.  Maybe you were a bit (or a lot) clumsy.  Maybe it wasn’t one of your finer moments when you were tired and impatient and you took out your frustrations on somebody or something else.  You stop, look around, and hope you can get away without much embarrassment.  You especially hope nobody was taking pictures or recording you.

Many times however we want and need attention.  It can be something relatively minor, such as waiting for service in a store or from a waitress in a restaurant.  Other times you have a much greater need for the attention of another.  There is something important to discuss or to do and you need assistance.  You may just need to talk to discuss an idea, make a plan, or just to vent for a minute or two.

What causes people to not pay attention?

Many times it is simply that there are too many distractions around us.  We are encouraged to multi-task so we can get more done.  This often leads to none of the things getting done – or at least not done well.  We are expected to always be busy and squeeze as much into our days as possible.

The world is a noisy place.  Advertisers are always trying to get our attention and are quite creative in finding new ways to do so.  Even when there is not a current ad in front of you, they are expert at making jingles that run around your head – even for products that you don’t like or will never buy.  Cell phones, tablets, and other electronic devices are usually within reach and friends, family, your employer and customers know you can be reached at almost all times.

It’s hard at times to pay attention even when you are actively trying due to all of the distractions around.  There is always something pulling at your attention if you let it.

Massage is a great way to get the attention that you need.  It’s just you and your favorite massage therapist.  They will listen to you when you come in about what you need today.  Your massage will be customized to address what you have discussed.  The massage room is designed to be a calm, peaceful, and quiet place.  Your therapist will adjust things such as the temperature and pressure to be the way you want.  They will give you all of their attention for your entire visit.

In many massages there is not much conversation.  It’s up to you how much you want to talk.  However, even if you don’t talk much with your therapist during your massage, you can leave knowing that they were paying attention to you.