If you felt good

“I feel good”.  How long has it been since you said or thought that?  Does that bring back memories of your younger days?  Are there things you would like to do but don’t because of pain?  Are there things you used to do but don’t do anymore?  While it’s true that aging (and some wisdom) keeps us from doing some of what we did in our youth, it doesn’t mean we can’t do things we would like to do.

What would you do if you felt really good? 

happy face


Would you like to be more active?  Now be specific – what would you like to do if you felt good?  If you woke up one Saturday morning after a good night’s sleep and the day was open for you and you felt really good – what would you want to jump out of bed and do?  Maybe it’s something from your past that you used to do.  Maybe it’s something that you have wondered about but have never tried.

Do you have problems with headaches, a stiff neck, back pain, or anything else that limits you? What if you didn’t?  Are you stressed and wound up tight?   What if you weren’t?  What would your life be like?  How would you act to people around you?  What would you do?

What would you stop doing if you felt good? 

Maybe stop watching so much TV or so many movies because you feel like getting up and doing something.  Maybe stop taking so many pills for pain.  Maybe you wouldn’t wake up over night, or wake up in pain in the morning.

Massage can help wherever you are in your health status. 

It’s not a cure for everything.  You may need medicine or treatment from a doctor or other trained health professional.  There are some conditions that massage may make things worse so your massage therapist will discuss your health with you when you come in.

If you are in pain from an accident or injury massage can help you feel better in your recovery.

If you have a chronic condition massage can help you manage the pain you have.  When you start to feel better you start to want to do more.

If you are feeling OK but have some pain, stiffness, or soreness massage can help you.  You can feel better and when you do you begin to notice the things that have caused you problems before.  When you are more aware of your body you can make adjustments to your daily activities to prevent your pain from coming back as much.  Sometimes those adjustments are very small but the repetition takes a toll on you.

If you feel good or even great now, massage can help you keep feeling that way.  If you spent a good amount of effort to get something cleaned up and looking good, you don’t want it going back to the way it was.  You want to keep it in good condition.

Most of us don’t have to be stuck in the condition we are in.  Massage is a great way to get you started and keep you going on the road to feeling good.