Can massage help me?

Have you been wondering if massage can help you?  The answer is usually yes – unless you have a serious medical condition that massage may make worse.  Take a look at the types of people that massage helps.

Girl goes ice skating in the pose arabesque

 Active people.  Some people use their bodies a lot for work.  It’s one of their major tools that they need all day.  You may be on your feet a lot, do skilled detailed work, do a lot of lifting and carrying, perform repetitive motions, and many other activities during your work day.  Some don’t think small actions can be damaging, but doing them all day every day for months or years can cause muscle imbalance with some muscles overused and others underused.

You may be very active at home.  Young children keep us moving – they don’t like it if you start to look comfortable and think up something to get you going again.  Homes require cleaning and maintenance.  You may enjoy working outside in your yard or with a garden.

Sports, hobbies, and exercise may keep you active.  It’s good to get your body in motion.  Sometimes you may overdo it and be sore or develop a condition that needs help to allow you to recover.

Massage helps active people by relieving your pain caused from your activities.  It lets you keep going and performing well.

Inactive people.  You may have an office job where you are at your desk most of the day.  Then you have a commute back and forth to work.  You also drive around town for errands so you can spend a great deal of time sitting in your vehicle.  Some may have a condition that prevents them from being as active as they would like.

When your muscles are not active they begin to feel stiff and tight.  Massage can help loosen them up and get them back ready to go again.

Stressed people.  Everybody has some stress.  Circumstances can cause you to have a much higher level of stress than normal.  Some people have more difficulty dealing with stress than others.  Stress causes muscles to tighten up so you don’t move freely.  It also puts a clamp on your mind so you don’t think as clearly either.

Massage is a great way to deal with stress.  You can allow somebody else to take care of you.  You can escape your responsibilities for a while.  When the stress is gone your body feels better and you may find yourself thinking more clearly.  You may determine that your problems may not be as big as they seemed before.

People who care for others.  People who give a lot need some time to recharge and let somebody take care of them.  Family, friends, work, and other responsibilities can put a lot of demand on your time and energy.  You need some time for yourself so you can continue to give.  When you feel better you can be reenergized and have more patience and understanding.

If one of these describes you then massage can help you.  If it’s been a while since your last massage get back in to see your favorite therapist.  If you haven’t tried massage before, give it a try and find out how much it helps.