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Rodney Trepess graduated from Bastyr University in 2003 with a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine and received his massage license after attending Brenneke School of Massage in 2001.

Massage Therapy in Quebec, a market study

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Following the publication of our first article on Massage School, we are pleased to have the opportunity to continue to share information about massage therapy in Quebec, Canada. We are encouraged by the feedback we have received! This second article … Read More

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We’ve got a Massage Blog Contest WInner!

tracy bradley

Two months and ten fantastic blog posts later, we’re ready to declare Tracy Bradley the winner for her honest (and funny) post Flatulence & Massage. It happens. She addressed the gassy issue from the perspective of the client  Flatulence happens. … Read More

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The Benefits of Massage

benefits of massage

Brochures are a main staple in nearly every therapist’s marketing arsenal. They’re simple to create and allow more room to inform than a business card. Small, easily distributable; they make for a fantastic drink coaster in a pinch. Who doesn’t … Read More

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Massage Therapy in Canada and Quebec

Canadian Maple leaf

  Massage therapy is only regulated in three provinces in Canada: British Columbia, Ontario and Newfoundland / Labrador.  Typically the required training is 2200 hours for these provinces. In this context, regulated means that there is only one organization in … Read More

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Helping Others Through Massage

Karyn Claflin is proud to award Karyn Claflin who  our “Helping Others Scholarship”.  Karyn has a strong history of volunteer work which we hope she intends on continuing once she has completed her massage training. She is attending Parkland College in Champaign, … Read More

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Win $500 in the Blog Post Contest

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The skills of a talented therapist aren’t limited to easing aches and pains. Whether it’s managing a budget or folding a fitted sheet, there are a host of ancillary skills that go into building a successful massage practice. One of … Read More

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Caring and Cash in Massage Therapy

heart in hand

There’s a false dichotomy that you find sometimes in the massage world. The idea is that one is either in the massage business to be of service to others, or to make money. No debates, no middle ground. But as … Read More

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Helping Others Massage School Scholarship

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With student loan debt now greater than credit card debt in the United States, paying for higher education has become a major concern for both students and their families. While there are a number of grants, loans, and work-study opportunities … Read More

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Essentials of a Professional Online Massage Therapist Profile

massage therapist webpage

The Yellow Pages phone book is pretty much dead. We all know the internet has replaced it. The question now isn’t, “Do I want an online profile?” Because believe it or not, you have an online profile. The question is, … Read More

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Massage Classes: what to expect

School Teacher Student class classroom Symbol

If you’re considering attending massage school, do you know what kinds of classes you’ll be attending? If you answered “massage classes,” you’d be right … but only partially so. Massage classes, which is to say, classes in massage techniques, are … Read More

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