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About Alythia

Alythia Brown is a dedicated author for teens and young adults and certified massage therapist. She grew up listening to the click-clack of her grandfather's typewriter and the theatrical voice of her storyteller grandmother. In their garden, abundant with wildflowers and fantastically overgrown ivy, she developed a love for creating stories of her own. Every afternoon, after a healthy round of milk and cookies, she ventured into her wonderland where she became a lost princess, a warrior, a troll, or anything she wanted. When the course of her life changed drastically, and she found herself pregnant at nineteen, she decided to pursue her writing passion. For the last eight years, she has read everything she could find about literary agents and publishing to gain some traction in the industry. Her blog offers advice, information, and support for writers and illustrators whose dreams are not so different from her own.

Clean Eating for a Healthier Life and Easier Work Day


Massage therapists are on their feet all day long—working on clients, changing sheets, filling lotion bottles, answering phones, and cleaning. It can be a demanding occupation if you aren’t equipped with personal health and balance. If you consistently find yourself collapsing after a day of work, you may be suffering… Read more »