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2014 Helping Others Scholarship Recipient Chosen

Melissa Ryan is proud to award Melissa Ryan our 2014 Helping Others Scholarship. Melissa is a student at Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy in Albany, NY. In answering our essay question, “How I will help others subsequent to completing my massage therapy training,” Melissa told us about her… Read more »

First Impressions of a Massage Therapist

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If you’re a massage therapy student, you’ve heard it a hundred times already: first impressions matter! So you trim your nails, perfect your handshake, keep your sheets free of stains and design the most adorable business cards known to humankind. First impressions? Check! Except, this was what constituted your first… Read more »

Reality Check: Should You Really Attend Massage School?

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Choosing massage therapy for a career is a momentous decision. In the nearly 15 years I’ve been practicing, I’ve rarely met any successful therapist who doesn’t look back on attending massage school as a life-changing experience. The key word there is successful. If you want to be a successful massage… Read more »