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Continuing Education for Massage Therapists

continuing education classroom

State-by-State Regulation Something for all massage therapists—or even students studying massage—to consider is the state-required continuing education. Each state has different regulations for continuing education. For example, New York residents must complete 36 hours of for every three-year renewal period. Maryland requires massage therapists to complete 24 hours every two… Read more »

An Overview of Different Massage Techniques

Woman getting scalp massage

Swedish Massage A classic massage technique where the superficial muscle tissue is manipulated to promote increased blood circulation, reduced body pain and overall relaxation. The therapist applies high-quality lotion or oil directly to the client’s skin. Though the client is nude beneath the sheets, all private areas remain covered at… Read more »

What are the uses and benefits of massage therapy?

Massage therapy’s beneficial effects on the human body are well known. Therapy can reduce stress, relieve pain, and promote the body’s natural healing by relaxing the body and mind. When we address the physical, mental and emotional sides of stress, relaxation and healing can more easily follow. By manipulating the… Read more »