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Massage Therapist Bedside Etiquette—How to Talk to Your Clients About Lumps

woman examining breast for lump

Massage therapists find all sorts of bumps beneath the skin on their clients when they are working. Mostly, they are what people commonly refer to as “knots.” These knots are really tissue that has become stiff and immobile due to stress, poor posture or nutrition, lack of exercise or stretching,… Read more »

Chair, Bench, or Table: Which Massage Surface Provides the Best Support

beautiful massage therapy room

When people come to you for a massage, they need to have a massage surface that is comfortable and provides good support. Typically, you should give your clients the option between a massage chair and the standard massage table/bench, after explaining the advantages of each one. Take a look at… Read more »

Prepare People for a Great Massage in 7 Easy Steps

girl dressed for a massage has been building a community of massage therapists interested in promoting evidence-informed practice for the massage therapy profession.   We want to help prospective massage therapy students find the right school to start their massage careers and then help them get their careers off the ground by providing them with… Read more »

Water, Water, Everywhere: the unkillable hydration myth


I can nearly guarantee you’ve heard it before: “Make sure you drink extra water after your massage, or you’ll get sore!” This myth has been propagated with equal passion by massage therapists, clients, and instructors alike, but it’s been shown repeatedly to be untrue. Where did the myth come from,… Read more »

6 Times a Year When Life Calls for a Massage

couples massage

Everyone should take time out for a massage when their life is busy and hectic because massages are a great way to wind down and let your muscles relax. Sometimes it’s hard to plan a massage getaway, but there are plenty of times when life gives you a good excuse… Read more »

Massage Therapy. Or, Better Yet, Massage AND Therapy.

Smiling woman massage

If you thought hair stylists heard all the drama, you are sadly mistaken. Blow-dryers, telephones, and chattering women set the stage for idle gossip, yes, but where do you hear the real hearts and minds of clients? The treatment rooms. The Environment for Heart-Pouring Let’s walk through a visit to… Read more »