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Interview with Massage Therapist Sunny Klaber

Sunny Klaber Massage Therapist

What is your name? Sunny Klaber Where do you practice massage therapy? Boulder, Colorado Are you an employee or self-employed? Self-empoyed. I am currently the Director of the Integral Touch Institute / Integral Travel / Zia Project, and operate a private massage therapy practice. What year did you begin practicing… Read more »

Massage Therapy. Or, Better Yet, Massage AND Therapy.

Smiling woman massage

If you thought hair stylists heard all the drama, you are sadly mistaken. Blow-dryers, telephones, and chattering women set the stage for idle gossip, yes, but where do you hear the real hearts and minds of clients? The treatment rooms. The Environment for Heart-Pouring Let’s walk through a visit to… Read more »

Interview with massage therapist Jan Jakubowski

Jan Jakubowski Massage therapist

  Where do you practice massage therapy?  A Touch of Balance Massage for Health Where do you practice massage therapy? Scottsdale, Arizona Are you an employee or self-employed?  Self Employed What year did you begin practicing massage therapy?  1989 Describe your practice, the modalities you use, and what you try… Read more »

Continuing Education for Massage Therapists

continuing education classroom

State-by-State Regulation Something for all massage therapists—or even students studying massage—to consider is the state-required continuing education. Each state has different regulations for continuing education. For example, New York residents must complete 36 hours of for every three-year renewal period. Maryland requires massage therapists to complete 24 hours every two… Read more »