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Desperately Seeking Happy Ending

Seamless pattern with smiling faces after a massage

This post is part of the blog contest, check out the details and contribute here It’s an online world we live in. You have worked hard to setup a website and establish an online presence with any number of social media outlets. Which in my opinion, you need to survive now. … Read more »

Clean Eating for a Healthier Life and Easier Work Day


Massage therapists are on their feet all day long—working on clients, changing sheets, filling lotion bottles, answering phones, and cleaning. It can be a demanding occupation if you aren’t equipped with personal health and balance. If you consistently find yourself collapsing after a day of work, you may be suffering… Read more »

Mastering the Telephone

Cartoon of old telephone receiver

Yep, we’re living in the future. We have websites, Facebook, online payments, and online scheduling. But when it comes down to it, many clients are still going to get in touch with you with that tried-and-true gadget of the 20th century, the telephone. That being said, are you telephone savvy?… Read more »

Water, Water, Everywhere: the unkillable hydration myth


I can nearly guarantee you’ve heard it before: “Make sure you drink extra water after your massage, or you’ll get sore!” This myth has been propagated with equal passion by massage therapists, clients, and instructors alike, but it’s been shown repeatedly to be untrue. Where did the myth come from,… Read more »