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Body Hair, Fat, and Un-pedicured Feet: Massage Therapists Take It All On.


When I first started my own practice, about 3 years into my career as a massage therapist, I was naturally on the hunt for new clients. I went to networking events, and used every opportunity to promote, and market myself. Prior to this, I had worked in a spa where… Read more »

When is Refusing a Massage Client Discrimination?

Is Refusing Massage Clients Discrimination?

Back in August, I caught a news clip about a photographer who refused to photograph a same-sex union ceremony based on her religious background. The headline read, “NM Court Says Christian Photographer Must Compromise Beliefs.” A few days after, another story hit the headlines. “Oxford Restaurant Owner Kicks Out War… Read more »

First Impressions of a Massage Therapist

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If you’re a massage therapy student, you’ve heard it a hundred times already: first impressions matter! So you trim your nails, perfect your handshake, keep your sheets free of stains and design the most adorable business cards known to humankind. First impressions? Check! Except, this was what constituted your first… Read more »