Kale, Goji Berries & Acai: The Risks and Benefits Behind Today’s Trendiest Foods

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Roughly every three days, the health and fitness magazines proclaim some nut, twig, or berry you’ve never heard of the super food of all super foods. The next few months are a mania of product refiguring to add this new miracle shrub to the ingredient list of every food on… Read more »

What is Your Massage Therapist Thinking During a Treatment?


Ever wondered what massage therapists think during your massage session? Do you think they are planning the next trip to the supermarket, wondering what to eat for dinner, or are they really focusing on your comfort and relaxation? Let’s start from the beginning: before you have a treatment a therapist… Read more »

Body Hair, Fat, and Un-pedicured Feet: Massage Therapists Take It All On.


When I first started my own practice, about 3 years into my career as a massage therapist, I was naturally on the hunt for new clients. I went to networking events, and used every opportunity to promote, and market myself. Prior to this, I had worked in a spa where… Read more »