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An Overview of Different Massage Techniques

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Swedish Massage A classic massage technique where the superficial muscle tissue is manipulated to promote increased blood circulation, reduced body pain and overall relaxation. The therapist applies high-quality lotion or oil directly to the client’s skin. Though the client is nude beneath the sheets, all private areas remain covered at… Read more »

Where to work as a Professional Massage Therapist

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There is a wide range of jobs available to professional massage therapists. Use your specific interests within the broad field of massage therapy to help you determine where you’d like to work upon earning your program diploma and state and/or national massage therapy license. For example, depending on the techniques… Read more »

What should I know about massage therapy certification and licensing?

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Certification and licensing are two very important aspects of your career as a massage therapist. Your certification and license are ways for prospective clients to know you’ve received training and are the most basic ways for you to market yourself as a professional. There are no national standards for certification… Read more »