Ashland Institute of Massage280 East Hersey Street, Suite A-8, Ashland, OR 97520

Accreditations & Registrations

  • Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals

Do you want to

  • Bring all of yourself to your career – mind, body, and heart?
  • Earn your living with “Right Livelihood” – work that deeply reflects your values?
  • Help people relieve their stress and pain?
  • Increase people’s sense of health & wellbeing?

If the answer to any of those questions is “yes,” consider the Ashland Institute of Massage for your massage therapy training.

The Ashland Institute of Massage is a small massage therapy school with a big vision: to educate hands, heart, and head for a holistic integration of Self and skills. If you are looking for a massage therapy program where who you are is as important as what you learn, then AIM may be the massage therapy school for you.

Ashland Institute of Massage is one of the premier massage schools in Oregon. Founded in 1988, we are celebrating two decades of providing excellent massage therapy training and producing superb massage therapists. We pride ourselves on providing students with superior academic preparation, hands-on instruction, and a high level of individual attention.

The Ashland Institute of Massage is licensed by the Oregon Department of Education as a vocational school and is certified by the Oregon Board of Massage Therapists and the Washington State Department of Health as meeting (and significantly exceeding) the educational requirements for massage school training in those states.

In 2010, Ashland Institute of Massage graduates had a 97% passage rate on the Oregon practical exam, compared to a state average of 84%. AIM graduates had a 100% passage rate on the National Certification Exam and MBlex.

Our massage students come from all over the United States. While the majority of students are from Oregon, people have moved from Maine, Vermont, Kansas, Arizona, Utah, and Washington to complete their massage training at AIM. Our course hours meet or exceed the requirements for licensing in 36 states, although each state has its own specific licensing process.

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Program Name Class Hours Tuition Start Month Duration   Schedule Type Status
Massage Program650  $$September10evenings
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Massage Program650  $$January6 Monhtsweekdays
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You did a really good job balancing the academic with the holistic and explaining the importance of that. I think you really captured the true essence of your very special school (in the new video). I just wanted you to know that the effects of your program are definitely being felt here in Ireland. I get such wonderful, positive feedback from all my just today as a matter of fact...and people do note the difference in what I do. I know that I wouldn't be a fraction of the therapist that I am if it weren't for you guys. I just wanted to share that with you and once again say Thank you! ~ K.B. 2008

I am proud to be one of your student grad from your school. I learned a lot even though I was struggling at times with academics but I made it. Now, I am making use of what I learned and love doing it and seeing people happy after their treatment. Thank you for all you had done for me when I was there and all the teachers who had helped me thru. ~ L.Y. 2007

David and Genna, you have a place in my heart for providing the opportunity for so many people to find for themselves such a meaningful career path. KUDOS to everyone who is part of this experience…it gives me great happiness to know so many people will be out there in the world bringing their creative hearts and healing touch to whomever, whenever it is needed. Blessings to you all. ~ E.L. (retired LMT, current AIM student clinic client; comments after attending graduation ceremony in June, 2009).

The education I received at AIM was thorough and comprehensive, the instructors fantasic, the setting gorgeous, and the knowledge I received enhanced the education I already had, making me a better LMT. ~SS, 2004

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