6 Times a Year When Life Calls for a Massage

Everyone should take time out for a massage when their life is busy and hectic because massages are a great way to wind down and let your muscles relax. Sometimes it’s hard to plan a massage getaway, but there are plenty of times when life gives you a good excuse to get a massage. Take a look at these life opportunities that prompt a good massage session.

Massage After Running a Marathon
marathon runners who need a massage
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After running a big marathon, you should go in to get a massage. It is a nice way to relax your muscles from all of the hard training you did to prepare for the marathon. Working out is good for your body, but it can make you sore too. A massage helps to loosen muscles and help your body recover.

Wedding Anniversary Couple’s Massage

couples massage
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A fun activity for couples to do on their anniversary is to go get a massage together. Massages put the mind and body at peace, so sharing this experience with your partner is a great way to reconnect and flare up some romance. You can try spending your whole day relaxing at the spa together.

Black Friday Relaxing Massage
After slaving over a hot stove and baking food for a big Thanksgiving dinner, you’re going to be sore and worn out. When you decide to go shopping early in the morning the day after for the Black Friday deals, you only complicate the situation. You should go get a massage to recover from the busy holiday events. It will feel great and help gear you up for the Christmas shopping spree that will ensue.

Stress Relief Massage Before a Big Interview

post interview massage
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When life is stressful, you can get a massage to help you ease your nerves and focus. So, if you have a big interview coming up, you should a get a massage beforehand to put your mind and body in top-notch condition so you can make a good impression without your stress weighing you down.

Mother’s Day “Me Time” Getaway Massage

mothers day massage
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On the days leading up to Mother’s Day, hint to your husband and kids that you would enjoy a day at the spa where you can get a relaxing massage. Hopefully they’ll pick up on the hints and buy you a gift certificate to treat yourself to some “me time” for Mother’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Romantic Massage

valentines day massage
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Couples massages can be very romantic even when you’re not on a honeymoon. On Valentine’s Day, you can spend time reconnecting with your spouse or partner while enjoying a relaxing massage together. It is a great way to set the mood for the romantic evening ahead.
Of course, you can use almost anything as an excuse to go get a massage, but these six are definitely times when a massage is a must. Are there other occasions when you like to slip away for a massage?