Helping Others Massage School Scholarship

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With student loan debt now greater than credit card debt in the United States, paying for higher education has become a major concern for both students and their families. While there are a number of grants, loans, and work-study opportunities for students studying at traditional academic colleges, students who choose to pursue a technical education are often left with fewer sources of financial aid. For this reason,, a resource for current and prospective massage therapy students, is offering students a $1,000 scholarship to the accredited massage therapy program of their choice.

The Helping Others Scholarship will be awarded to the current or future student who demonstrates that their massage training will enable them to be of service to others. Applicants will submit an essay of 500 or fewer words explaining how they intend to help others in their massage career. Submissions should be sent to scholarship(at)massageschool(dot)org no later than April 15, 2013. For more information about the Helping Others Scholarship, visit is the premier online resource for prospective and current massage therapy students, providing reviews and other information on massage schools across the country, as well as giving current students and practicing massage therapists with the information they need to set up and maintain a successful massage practice.