10 WORST Reasons to Attend Massage School

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  1. You’d like to see a lot of naked people. Firstly, if this is your motivation, you’re wasting your money. Massage school tuition is a lot more expensive than a strip club. Secondly, there’s surprisingly little nudity involved in massage school. Draping means you’re looking at a lot of body parts: mostly isolated arms, backs, and legs. You could see more at your local fitness club. Sorry to disappoint.

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  3. You’ve got the hots for a fellow student. Again, a waste of your money. Massage students are encouraged to think very carefully about their personal boundaries, which includes dating. Besides, you know who massage therapists really love? A good accountant. Leave the bodywork to those who actually have a passion for it

  4. You don’t want to take any difficult academic classes. Clearly the words “anatomy and physiology” aren’t ringing a bell. Take a hefty dose of chemistry and biology, throw in a bit of physics, and tie it all together with a little Latin bow: now you’re ready for massage school. Hope you like to study!

  5. Money in the bag

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  6. You think massage will be easy money. Good money? Certainly. But easy? Easy like giving a deep tissue massage? Easy like spending 50% of your time marketing yourself and not getting paid? Luckily, most enjoyable things in life aren’t easy, either. Massage is great for people who are always up for a challenge.

  7. You’re tired of working jobs with lots of rules. Do you need to be HIPAA compliant? Are self-care techniques within your scope of practice? Does your town permit home-based massage practices? (Get the picture?)

  8. You want a job that’s never stressful. I guess this depends on what you find stressful. Do you find constantly reaching out to find new clients stressful? Never-ending laundry and paperwork? Paying your own taxes? People asking you whether you’re a prostitute? No? Then you’ve just found your ticket to a stress-free life!

  9. You like healthcare, but don’t want to be around sick people. Here’s an unfortunate truth: everybody gets sick. Even if your clients are young and healthy, someone will end up with cancer. Even if you work in a salon, someone will have a stroke. Just because you focus on relaxation massage doesn’t mean people won’t come to you when they’re hurting. If you can’t see the compliment in that, you should probably try something else.

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  11. Your partner or spouse really wants you to. Who wouldn’t want to be married to someone who gives a great massage? That’s a great reason to take a couple’s massage class, but not a great reason to invest a year or two of your life and a fair bit of money in completing massage school.

  12. You’d like to get a lot of free massages in class. Actually, free massages are an awesome perk of massage school. But it’s not all idyllic backrub time. A lot of massage school is about sitting in lectures and memorizing muscles. And some of those massages aren’t exactly what you wish they were; it stinks when your back hurts and your fellow student has to practice working on your jaw. Inside your mouth. Which is making you drool all over a paper towel.

  13. You’re not sure what you want to do, so whatever. “Whatever” doesn’t get you very far in massage therapy. “Whatever” marketing doesn’t find you clients. Nobody comes back again to get another “whatever” massage. Take a really weird job, travel the world, find some way to exorcise “whatever” from your soul. When something makes you happy and earns money at the same time, do that instead. You deserve better than a “whatever” life.

 These are all terrible reasons to attend massage school. But the #1 top reason to become a massage therapist? You really want to. The work is appealing, the challenges reasonable, and the field exciting, and you know it’s the career for you.

Maybe your goals include getting involved in scientific research, or maybe it’s about pampering people in a high-end spa. Maybe you dream of launching your own business, or maybe you just want to give a few massages on the weekends so you can care for your kids during the week. The specifics are unimportant, but the spirit behind them is the same: if you feel like there’s a place you truly belong in the massage world, there probably is. Congratulations! Now all you have to do is get there.