Spend ALL your money on massage

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cashPeople sometimes talk about the cost of massage.  They would like to get more massages but have some difficulties working it into their budget.  Clearly these people own too many things and are not managing their funds wisely.  I began to wonder what life would be like if you spent all your money on massage.

Obviously, you would feel great!  Your pain and stress would be gone or under control.  With this quantity of regular visits you and your therapist would have better communication and understanding of what you need and what helps you the most.  Regular visits will help your body to respond quickly and get back to feeling good again fast.

While that is a huge benefit, it’s just one of many.  I offer the other following samples for your consideration.

Think of all the time and aggravation you would be free from at tax time.  No more looking for deductions because you know where all your money went.  No more complex forms because your life is so simple now.

Have you been wanting to lose some weight?  Now you can since you can’t afford food.  Learn the schedule for sample days at the grocery stores and you should be just fine.

You would be in much better condition with the additional exercise of walking and running everywhere.  Also, no more aggravations with car payments, insurance, license plates, sitting in traffic, and repairs.  Gas price concerns will be a thing of the past for you.

You can conquer those habits you have been trying to master since you can’t afford them.  No more smoking, drinking, or gambling.  Drug usage will be completely out of the question.  You will feel so great from your massages you won’t need anything like these to make you feel better.

With no money for entertainment, you won’t have to complain that there’s nothing good on television or at the movies. You can become an authority on free entertainment.  Enjoy the beauty of nature and the local parks.

Without so many distractions, you can catch up on your reading.  The library can be your new home away from home.  Actually, it may be your home if you can find an unpopular and out of the way section you can move into.

Consider what a contribution to society you can make by reducing trash, pollution, and waste.  You could even consider it your civic duty to spend all you money on massage.  The world is relying on courageous people like you to make such a sacrifice.

Keeping up with the Jones’s will be a worry of the past – unless they are getting more massages than you.  But you will be relaxed and stress free, so it won’t really matter to you.

You will begin to appreciate the simple things in life.   You won’t have much of a choice since the extravagant things cost so much.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?  All right, there just may be some challenges with this idea.  But hey, challenges make life interesting and help you learn and grow.

If you are not ready to take such a bold step – yet – perhaps you can take a look at your finances and make an adjustment or two to fit in regular massage.  Massage helps you feel good so you can enjoy your life and do the things you want.  Life is meant to be experienced and appreciated with the ones you love; not to be exchanged in working to collect objects.

Image courtesy of ponsulak/FreeDigitalPhotos.net