Cross Promotions for Massage Businesses

“How can I get more clients?” is a very common question among massage therapists. Being creative in acquiring new clients takes a bit of skill and quite a bit of networking.

To make this job easier, it’s a good idea to approach retailers and ask them if they are interested in doing some cross-promotions. Cross-promotions can be useful to generate interest in your massage practice in your local area. We usually think of the obvious referral partners like physical therapy clinics, gyms, and the like. Don’t know where to start? Here’s some examples.


This category may seem to be an ill fit with massage therapy, but if you like a few local restaurants and you have been spending money there, why not trying to get a return on investment? As long as these restaurants provide some healthy options in their menu and you enjoy eating there, you could negotiate a deal where, when people have 5 meals at the restaurant they are entitled to a 20% discount on your massage treatments. Your massage clients could benefit from a discount at the restaurant when you recommend it to them. You are probably going to recommend that restaurant to friends and family anyway, so you could get something back from your recommendations.


With so many people having phobias about going to the dentist, why not help them relax before their appointment? You could either offer seated massage at the dentist’s office or come up with a scheme where you offer a discount to the dentist’s patients and in return your massage clients could get a free consultation at the dentist’s. Dentists see several patients in a day so they have a captive audience. If your massage practice is featured in a dentist appointment card offering a discount, you are likely to see new clients with very little effort.

Health food shops

Possibly the best fit for massage therapy, health food shops sell various types of healthy foods, drinks and supplements. If you are qualified in nutrition you can recommend some nutritional supplements and in return the shop can promote your massage practice. If the shop has loyalty cards, you could make them available to your clients so they can benefit from a discount at the shop.

Dry cleaners

People who use dry cleaning services tend to be regular customers who might bring in clothes to clean on a weekly or fortnightly basis. These clients tend to have disposable income for leisure and health services. Promoting your massage practice to them should be quite easy if you offer an incentive. If you use a laundry service for your towels you could have a promotion at the shop enticing clients to book an appointment with an appealing introductory offer. Or you could come up with a prize draw for clients who spend a certain amount at the dry cleaner’s. Your massage clients could also be offered a special deal at the shop when they are referred by you.

Get creative!

These are just a few examples of cross-promotions but there’s so many other opportunities out there. Explore your local area and make friends with shop owners. You never know what is around the corner.

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