Three reasons to see a newer massage therapist

I got one of the best massages of my life last week. From a massage therapist who only got out of school a month ago. He was friendly, communicative (but not chatty) and very, very skilled. I got deep pressure exactly where I asked for it, he really listened to my (minimal) feedback and adjusted his techniques accordingly.

This got me thinking, I’m a pretty picky massage consumer, and I often ask about a therapists experience before I book with them. I’ve been off base. There are plenty of reasons to see a newer therapists and I’m going to make an effort to get more massages from some of them.

It’s a heck of a lot easier to get an appointment with a new therapist than an old timer. They’re still working to fill up their schedules and cultivate a clientele. If you want to get in every second Tuesday at 7pm, or weekly on a Saturday morning, you’ll find newer therapists can accommodate your scheduling quirks with much more flexibility.

What’s more exciting than starting a new career?! Most massage therapists come to massage after some years in other professions. Massage and bodywork isn’t just a job, it’s a calling. That translates into great client care and fantastic bodywork.

Most clients are loyal to their service providers. We appreciate the quality of a good haircut, delivered by someone who knows about the Perm Incident of 1998. We like seeing the same therapist over and over again, because ether know our bodies, and exactly where and when they hurt. But loyalty goes both ways. When you’ve been with a therapist since the beginning of their career, you get some perks. Perhaps it’s the appointment time you prefer, or a great discount on gift certificates around the holidays, or even being grandfathered in with old fees when prices go up.

Therapists really appreciate regular and long-term clients. New therapists love when clients are cool being guinea pigs after a contenting education class, and we remember exactly who helped us start our businesses.

So the next time you hear of a newer therapist just starting out, give them a shot! It could be the beginning of a beautiful massage friendship.

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