Treating Clients with Kindness

Life can be rough sometimes.   We try to squeeze a lot into our days, so even when things are relatively smooth sailing it can be a lot to manage.  We encounter stress from work, home, friends and families, social activities, health, and many other sources.  On the TV and radio people are arguing with each other.  Pressure builds up trying to manage everything and we need some relief.

Relief is even more important when a crisis occurs, such as a health or work issue.  If multiple things happen at once, the need for relief grows exponentially. 

Massage helps provide that relief.  Most people really look forward to their massage.  They are excited about it and let others know how much they are anticipating it.  You rarely hear a person who has a massage scheduled indicate that they are ambivalent and can take it or leave it.

They are coming to you for relief, either from pain or stress, or usually both.  They want some time for themselves and to be able to forget about everything.

They come to you for something else as well – kindness.

You may be the one person who will actually listen to them.  Many of our technological advances have automated processes and transactions, but at a cost of depersonalization.  We lose the person-to-person contact.  An automated call service may be convenient but it doesn’t ask or care how you are doing.

You may be the only person all day who takes time to show you care about them.  From fighting traffic, being swamped at work, and family and home responsibilities, many people feel taken for granted.  People around them are so busy themselves that there is not much time to expend on anybody else.

Be kind to your clients by giving great customer service.  Give them your full attention.  Be considerate of them and be ready on time.  Don’t complain about your problems – they have enough of their own.  Adjust all that you can (the pressure used, the temperature, the music) to their preferences.  Make some notes about them and have things ready the way they like it when they come back.

Even if there are more skilled massage therapists in their techniques, people will come back to you if you treat them right and are kind.  Of course as you go along keep learning and growing.  Your clients will notice your improvement over time and the new techniques you develop.  They will also appreciate the extra effort you put in to provide better service to them.

The world can be rude, harsh, and unforgiving.  Some businesses seem not to care if you are happy with their products or services.

Be different and treat your clients with kindness.  They will remember with gratitude and will be loyal to you.

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons/Jennifer