Should I take my underwear off during a massage?

Should I take my underwear off?

Well that depends. Usually Yes, but sometimes No. Please find and match an example below to your current status:

If you have complaints regarding pretty much any muscle group close to where your underwear would be covering. The answer is YES. This includes but is not limited to:

    • -an achey lower back
  • -sore IT bands
  • -tender upper legs (quads and hamstrings)
  • -tight hip flexors
  • -a painful butt

Your butt is a muscle too (actually a group of muscles) and it happens to be the largest in your body. We are muscular therapists. So that means it’s perfectly okay to have it massaged.

It always amazes me when a client requests focus in these areas and then proceeds to leave their underwear on. If you want any true relief with an extended period of time working on this area, your best bet is to leave those skivvies with the rest of your clothing. It is 100% okay and totally safe to undress completely. A trained therapist will be a master at perfectly draping the linen so that you will be unexposed at all times. So it’s all good.

If the above applies to you but you just can’t get over your nerves, the answer is IT’S UP TO YOU. But I encourage a YES. Here are a few ideas to help you make a decision:

 Try a different approach. 

  • -Women, you could wear a thong, which will still give the therapist access to the muscle tissue while leaving you feeling confident and secure on the table.
  • -And men, you could try something with less fabric too, like briefs or a speedo. This will  restrict access to the “glutes,” but leave more of the lower back, and upper legs exposed for deep tissue massage work.

Discuss the subject with your therapist before the massage.

I promise he or she wont be offended. We hear a lot of the same questions, and apprehensions, and this is one of the more common concerns. 99% of the time when asking if you should take them off, you’re going to get a resounding “yes” or “Of course I don’t mind, I can give you a better treatment if you do”.

And if you STILL just cant seem to get over the idea of being all the way naked, The answer is NO, and that’s quite alright. A trained therapist will be able to manipulate the muscle even with a layer of clothing on. You wont receive an array of techniques, but you can still have work done to help tame your sciatica, or whatever it is that ails you.

The answer is also NO if you:

  • -have your period
  • -have any intention of requesting crude and illegal services
  • -will be uncomfortable, thus causing you to clench your muscles and hold your breath through the treatment

We want to achieve maximum access to muscle tissue but we don’t want to be counteractive. In the end, your comfort is what matters most. 


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons/Nick Webb