Massage is like having a housecleaner

People hire a housecleaner because they need cleaning done.  They have messes and they might not have the expertise or time to take care of it properly.  They might have a stain that they don’t know how to remove.  Maybe they usually take good care of their home but unexpected events have prevented them from doing so.

When your housecleaner arrives, they expect to find something that needs cleaning.  They expect to see some combination of dirty clothes, dirty dishes, dust, clutter, carpet that needs vacuuming, trash, and dirty windows.

What would they think if they came in to a spotless house?  They would wonder why you called them and why you are paying them.

They won’t be critical that they found a mess.  Cleaning up is their job and that is what they expect to find.

You can let them work and feel guilt free, and enjoy the time you have that you would have used cleaning for what you need or want to do.

Like a housecleaner, a massage therapist expects to encounter problems.  You are getting a massage for a reason.  Stress may be causing you headaches and muscle pain from clenching your muscles up tight.  Physical activities, such as your job, exercise, yard work, and carrying a child around can cause muscle pain that needs relief.

Professional athletes and models do get massage, but that is not what your massage therapist is expecting when you walk in the door.  Is your body less than perfect?  Is your weight not quite ideal?  Has your exercise or diet been less than healthy?  A professional massage therapist doesn’t care about how you look.  As people with your best interests in mind, of course we want you to take care of yourself, but don’t let a body issue keep you from getting the massage you need.

We expect to help people we see in public every day – people who deal with stress with their families and jobs, with health issues, and other challenges of life.  We expect people who are active and need some relief as well as people who are inactive, stuck in a vehicle and at a desk, and need their muscles loosened up.

I’m expecting some kind of mess when you come in.  It may be small or large, and I will do what I can in the time I have.  I can try to help you discover the cause of the mess, but I won’t judge you for having a mess – everybody does at times.  With some thought you may find something you can adjust so it doesn’t turn into as big of an issue, or to keep it from coming back as quickly.


You may have something that is bothering you more than others.  Let me know before we start and I will make sure to give it the attention it needs.


My job, like a housecleaner, is to help clean up the mess.  Relax and let me work, and walk out feeling free from the problems you came in with.