You’re Sick. Do You Need to Cancel Your Massage?

If you're sick, cancel your massage.

If you’re sick, take care of yourself. And cancel your massage.


Let’s make this one simple. You should PROBABLY cancel your massage and reschedule if you’re sick.

And here’s why:

Your Body is Already Fighting Germs, and Massage May Make You Feel Sicker.

When you get a massage, your blood and lymph system are impacted, and this may actually make your illness spread quicker. Your best solution is to stay home and rest.

If You’re Congested, You’ll Be Miserable and Dripping Snot.

If your sinuses are congested or your nose is clogged, chances are that when you recline on the massage table, your symptoms will get worse. And if youre face down, you’ll likely start dripping snot. This isn’t comfortable.

If You’re Contagious, You Could Get Your Massage Therapist Sick.

Your massage therapist isn’t salaried. This means he or she gets paid by the hour. If she’s not working, she’s not making money. As with other people who get paid by the hour, getting sick to a massage therapist doesn’t just mean feeling cruddy. It means cancelling appointments and a reduction in income. So if you have an active cold or suspect you’re contagious, do yourself and your massage therapist a favor. Reschedule your appointment, keep your germs to yourself, and rest up.

Signs You’re Contagious and Should Cancel Your Massage:

  • You have a fever or are nauseous,
  • You’re in the first the first week of the flu, or
  • You still have cold symptoms.

And Now, Some Good News

Once you’re no longer contagious, massage can be a great way to ease back into things. Coughing can cause sore rib and back muscles. Massage can relax you if you’ve been stressed out about getting behind on things at work, school, or home. And it can flush out any nasties left over from your illness. Finally, since massage has been shown to boost the immune system, it could help prevent you from getting sick again.

QUESTION: Massage therapists — do you have any differing opinions? Let us know!