6 Easy Tips For Finding The Best Massage Music

Carefully selected massage music can relax your client, for an improved massage experience.

Carefully selected massage music can relax your clients, for an improved massage experience.

Silence Isn’t Always Golden

If you’ve ever had a massage in a silent room–without massage music of any kind–you might have found the experience a little (or maybe very) off-putting. Without background massage music, it can often seem as if every noise is amplified, from noises in the street, to the sound of sheets rustling, to the awkward squirt of massage oil. And hearing all of those noises is not conducive to relaxing for many people.

A Good Selection of Massage Music Can Make Your Practice Better

Even if music is played, the type of music can significantly impact a person’s perception of a massage. The right music can help a client relax and drift away, helping muscles relax for an optimal therapeutic experience. The wrong music can have the opposite effect.  Here are some tips to help you find the best type of music to play during a massage depending on your client’s wishes.

  • Music is Personal, So Ask. Some people find classical music relaxing, while others are simply annoyed by it. The most simple way to choose music for a massage is to ask your client what kind of music he or she prefers, and then hope that you have it!
  • Use a Streaming Music Service. If you want to be sure that you have music your client will find relaxing, consider subscribing to a streaming music service such as Pandora.com or Spotify.com.  Pandora offers a station called Deep Relaxation Massage Music, iTunes offers Pure Massage Music, and Spotify offers several massage and spa relaxation music stations.
  • Lyrics or Not? Sometimes it’s best to offer music with no lyrics if a client can’t decide what he or she wants. Lyrics can sometimes create emotional moments for clients, which can make it difficult for them to relax, enjoy, and breathe into their massage.
  • If Your Client Can’t Decide, or Doesn’t Know… Don’t Play These: country music, rock and roll, punk, rap, or any music with a fast beat.
  • But Do Consider These: Many massage clients enjoy classical music, acoustic guitar, celtic music, new age, and flute (although be careful, sometimes the high pitch of a flute can be a stressor). Generally music with a slow tempo is more relaxing.
  • Put Your Client’s Music Interests First. Music tastes are pretty unique. Don’t assume music you like will be equally enjoyed by your massage client. And be cautious about inadvertently imposing your music choice on a client. I once had a massage therapist tell me she couldn’t listen to any more of her Classic Massage Music CD. After that I didn’t feel like I wanted to impose anything else on her she might not like. So I told her I didn’t mind. And she put on soft rock. Which I can’t stand.

Here are some handy lists of massage music suggestions:

In addition, a great resource is other massage practitioners. If you find a music station that works well for your practice, pay it forward and share the information with another massage practitioner!