Regular Massage: Try It, and Reap the Benefits!

You're regular with your exercise routine; try being regular with your massage and reap the benefits!

You’re regular with your exercise routine; try being regular with your massage and reap the benefits!

There are many things we do on a regular basis.  Some things are basic physical requirements, such as sleeping or eating, and others aren’t required for our survival, but they do improve our lives.

When Routines Are Disrupted

How do you feel when your routine gets interrupted?  Maybe there is an accident or road construction and you have to take a different way to work or home.  It slows you down and you have to adjust your plans.  It takes attention away from what you would like to be spending it on.

What if you have to stay up late or get up early?  What if a family member is sick and you lose some sleep overnight?  It can make you feel tired all day.  Your focus and concentration are not quite as sharp and you feel like you are dragging.

What would your life be like if you had no type of regular schedule?  What if you only slept a couple of hours for a few nights?  What if you only ate very little in a week?  What if at home your belongings were moved around constantly and you didn’t know where to find things?

Your life would be chaotic.  It would be hard to function at all.   You wouldn’t get much done and you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your life.  It would be a continual struggle to just make it through every day.

The Case For Regular Massage

We like most of the things in our life to be regular and predictable.  Yes, the unexpected can be exciting, but we expect our electricity to work when we flip a light switch, we expect water when we turn on a tap, and we like to know where to find things in stores and for the prices to remain in the same range.  We want to know where and when our favorite TV shows will be on.  It would be confusing and frustrating if our favorite web sites or radio stations changed frequently.

We feel better, both physically and mentally, when we have some stability.  You feel better if you have a regular routine for exercise or activity, and you feel like something is off if you miss it.  One good workout can leave you feeling better but regular activity is much better.  Your body gets to move and you can clear your mind.  The more you stick to your schedule the better you feel.  You make progress toward your goals and can do more than you could before.

In the same way, one good massage will leave you feeling better, and you will experience some relief from your pain and stress. But regular massage can help in the same way regular activity does.  You will feel better longer and may be able to handle the stress in your life better.   For example, studies show that regular massages over the course of a few weeks can lower blood pressure. In addition, regular massage can help prevent injuries.

Regularity only comes about with planning and setting priorities.  It’s easy to be distracted by other things in life.  Make regular massage a part of your plan, and schedule your massages at times that make sense for your activity, work, and family schedule.  Make it a priority and stick with it.  If you only come in when you’re injured or in pain, you’ll never get on top of the problems that are causing those issues.

Make feeling good a priority.  You will be glad you did.