Got Neck Pain? You Need a Massage.

All too often, spending too much time on our devices can lead to neck pain. So step away!

All too often, spending too much time on our devices can lead to neck pain. So step away!

You know the feeling. Your neck is tight and it hurts to move your head. It’s a pain that stays with you all day, and often for multiple days. It’s distracting and makes it hard to concentrate and be productive.

Stress and posture can contribute to neck pain. When your neck is tight it can give you a headache or make one worse. Relief from neck pain is one of the first complaints by people when they come in for a massage.

Stress and Neck Pain

Everybody deals with some degree of stress in life. Calm massage strokes are soothing and allow you to slow down both physically and mentally. When you slow down life seems to also. Challenges, obstacles, and deadlines are easier to manage when you take some time to find some peace and let your troubles go even briefly.

Many people say that they carry their stress in their neck. As the pressure mounts their shoulders rise higher and their neck muscles tighten up. Massage can help relieve the muscle tension in your neck, allowing you to move your head and turn your neck easier and free of pain.

Bad Posture Can Make Neck Pain Worse

Many people drive to and from their jobs and do a lot of computer work. It’s easy to get stuck in the same position for long periods of time. If your posture is poor it can lead to neck pain. Although it seems like a little thing, doing the same thing for hours every day for months or years allows a little thing to develop into something bigger.

Additionally many now use their smart phone, tablet, or laptop away from work. People are typically aware of their posture at work and try to set up their work area comfortably. At home it can be a different story. It’s easy to start just one thing and lose track of time. Before you realize it your neck is hurting from looking down because that one thing led to another and another and you spend more time than you intended on your device.

Massage helps your neck feel good again. It allows your muscles to relax so they function better. When your neck hurts you don’t want to do as much, so getting it feeling better can help you be more active and more productive.

Neck Muscle Relief Helps With Headaches

Most people get headaches occasionally and some people deal with them regularly.

One cause of headaches is neck muscle tension. Some of your neck muscles attach to the base of your skull in the back. When they are tight they pull on the muscles and tendons of your head. When those get tight also it becomes painful and a headache results.

Massage relieves the tension in your neck which lowers the tension on your head also. Headaches are relieved or even go away when your neck is looser.

Instead of reaching for a pain reliever or continuing to suffer when your neck is hurting contact your favorite massage therapist for an appointment.