Love Your Hands.


Our hands are pretty useful. We keep them busy all day, from the moment we wake up until it’s time to go to sleep again. We do so much with them without even thinking. As an exercise try doing a routine task with only one hand, or with your non-dominant hand. It can be quite a challenge.

You probably use your hands all day, every day.

We usually don’t notice how much we use them until something goes wrong. When you bend a finger too far, get a bruise, cut, or sprain, or even break a bone in your hand you realize how much you depend on your hands.

We use our hands for daily activities, such as cooking, cleaning, taking care of ourselves, and carrying things around. Around our homes we may do yard work and maintenance. We use them for exercise and playing. People have different jobs–some are very physical, and they work their hands hard.

We use our hands to access technology. Smart phones and tablets are useful and fun but they usually require you to hold them. Holding them for a long time can make your hands tired even though the devices themselves are light.

Our stress makes its way to your hands. Everyone has stress to deal with. When the stress builds we may clench our hands or grip things tighter than needed. Does your car’s steering wheel have extra finger grips that have worn in over time?

Our hands are on the front lines. Because we use our hands so much they are often in the danger zone. They get whacked by things. We hit them accidentally depending on how (un)graceful or tired we are. They get squeezed by handshakes, are subject to cuts and scratches, and are exposed to hot and cold temperatures.

Our hands also get overused at times. We may have a project or assignment that needs to get done so we do more than usual. Our hands face the same fatigue that other areas of our bodies do and need a break after extra use.

Your hands do a lot for you so do something for them.

A simple hand massage feels great. If chair massage is available you can have your hands massaged there. Hands are usually included as a part of an overall massage. Just ask for a little extra attention to your hands and your massage therapist will be glad to work on them to help them feel better. Massage therapists know how critical our hands are for us to do our jobs so we know how important it is to take care of them.