Think Your Arms Don’t Need a Massage? Think Again.


Our arms do a lot for us.  We use them all day, every day.  Like other parts of our body they can get tired, overused, sore, and in need of some care.

We use our arms to lift and carry everyday things.  We lug groceries and shopping bags – which we try to carry all at once instead of making more than one trip.  We carry briefcases, purses, supplies, computers, and tools for work – and that’s just to get started working.

Some jobs are physical and involve a lot of arm use to lift, carry, move, and work on things.  Job responsibilities can be repetitive actions than can overwork your muscles.

Office jobs, especially computer work can put a strain on your arms.  When it’s possible try to set up your work area in a way that keeps you comfortable, but that is not always the case.  Many people try to set up their work area comfortably but don’t do the same at home.  You may spend a lot of time on a home computer, whether for work or fun.  That time after your work day can still strain your arms.

We lift and carry our kids and all of their stuff. We move furniture and equipment and help our friends move.  We lift things up to put away or to look for things that we don’t remember where we put.

Driving takes effort for our arms.  Long commutes or trips require using our arms to steer.   Even if you are stuck in traffic you still have to hold on to the wheel most of the time.  When the weather is bad or traffic is difficult you may squeeze the steering wheel hard.

Outside we mow lawns, rake leaves, shovel snow, dig in gardens, carry out trash, paint and perform basic upkeep of our homes.  Some work on vehicles or build things for a home project.

Inside we haul laundry to the washer and back to put away.  We cook, open jars, wash dishes, vacuum, clean and all of what needs done to take care of your home and family.  Some jobs are difficult and require some elbow grease to get it done.

Most basic exercise involves your arms.  Lifting weights, boxing, planks, push ups and pull ups are among the many exercises that put your arms to work.  Yoga poses that you think look innocent can put a strain on your arms.

Some sports are hard on your arms.  Golf and tennis puts a lot of tension on elbows and shoulders.  Softball involves throwing and swinging a bat.  Bowling requires using a heavy ball.

Wrist and hand pain can start in your forearm.  Most of the muscles that let you move your wrists and fingers start in your forearm.  Working on those muscles can help relieve your wrist and hand pain.

Your arms do a lot for you.  Give them some attention with a massage so you can keep doing what you want.