Why Your Back Needs Massage

Back pain is so common we bet even this guy gets it sometimes.

Back pain is so common we bet even this guy gets it sometimes.

Back Pain is Common.

Back pain.  Almost everybody gets it at some point.  Some unfortunately have to deal with it on regular basis. It’s one of the leading causes of missing work time.  And it’s one of the top complaints of people looking for a massage.

When your back hurts you don’t want to do much of anything at all.  Even the smallest movements cause pain.  It hurts when you walk or stand.  It’s painful even to sit, and getting up is an effort.  It’s hard to get comfortable and shifting positions hurts.

Back Pain Can Affect Your Sleep Quality.

We often don’t sleep well when our backs hurt.  You may have to sleep in a different position than usual.  Moving while you sleep causes pain and may wake you up. You may wake up not feeling very rested or refreshed and have to deal with back pain all day again.

You Can’t Not Use Your Back.

And we use our backs all day.  It’s an important element as we lift, carry, and move things.  If you do more with one side of your body – such as holding a child in one arm or lifting something heavy – one side can get overused compared to the other.  If you are holding a heavy object you have to use the muscles on the opposite side to balance yourself so you don’t fall over. Both sides of your back can get out of whack and start to hurt.

Back Pain and Body Mechanics.

Back pain can come from improper body mechanics such as lifting with your back and not using your legs.  Even if your mechanics are good you can still do too much and get sore.  Raking leaves, shoveling snow, gardening and other yard work can take a toll on your back. Sweeping or steaming floors, cleaning grout, washing down cupboards, and other housework can lead to a tired back one day, and a tweaked back the next.

Some projects are hard on our backs and cause us to be in an awkward position.  Working on plumbing under a sink is never comfortable. Dusting trim work, cleaning behind toilets, or changing the oil in your car can lead to back trouble.

Sitting on the floor or on bleachers without back support makes our back muscles work to keep our trunk upright.  Those muscles get tired and become painful and you’ll feel your lower back muscles along your spine tighten up.

Exercise in Moderation.

Sports, exercise, and other activities help us keep moving and feeling good but can be overdone and cause back pain.

Your Back is Your Center.

Your back is in the middle of your body and connects to a lot of things.  It connects to your neck, arms, hips and legs, so if your back is hurting you will use any or all of these differently.  Also, if something connected to your back is hurting it can cause back pain.  If your ankle hurts then your walk will change.  That will affect your leg and hip and then your back.

Neck pain often starts in the upper back.  By relieving the upper back pain your neck will feel better and you may have fewer headaches.

When our back hurts it really gets our attention.  Let massage get your back feeling good again and see how much better your whole body feels.