Massage for Self- and Body-Awareness


Practice listening to your body, and take a break from work when you need it. You’ll probably come back with more energy.

One of the great benefits of massage is that it makes you more aware of how you feel.

To Recognize When You Feel Bad, It Helps to Know What It’s Like to Feel Good!

Massage makes your body feel better.  Your muscle tightness is reduced and you feel looser and more limber.  You feel like you can move much easier.  The pain you came in with is gone or at least greatly improved.

You begin to remember that you used to feel this way – and you like it.  Your muscles haven’t always been so tight and painful.  They usually get that way gradually over time by the way you do everyday activities.

After your massage you feel good so you begin to notice when an area starts to hurt.  Since you know that it didn’t hurt before and now it does, you can review what you have been doing since your massage.

Know When You Need to Make a Small Change

Many times people can make a small adjustment that has a big impact on how they feel.  It could be how much you carry around every day, your workplace set up, getting a new pillow, paying more attention to your posture, increasing your activity or many other things.  A minor change to a daily repetitive task can have a big payoff in less pain.

Massage Clears Your Mind

Your mind also feels better after a massage.  Your stress has been dialed down a few notches.  Problems that seemed big before now look much smaller and more manageable.  With improved clarity you wonder why you thought some things appeared to be a big deal.  You may find a creative solution to an issue that you couldn’t quite find before.

Since you like the more relaxed feeling instead of being stressed, you want it to continue.  Again, you can be more aware of what increases your stress and make adjustments to keep it low.

Notice the Things That Stress You Out, So You Can Manage Them

Pay attention to the things that cause your stress to go up, and then look for small changes you can make to keep your stress lower.  Take a minute to take a few deep breaths.  You can do this anywhere and nobody else even needs to know what you are doing.

When you take a quick break from work to get some water or find the bathroom take a minute to be calm.  Push your shoulders down away from your ears.  Remember how relaxed and calm you felt at a nice vacation or at your last massage.

You can feel relaxed and don’t have to feel stressed.  By being aware of what causes it and taking some action you can feel more in control and have less stress.  Of course there are some stressful situations that you can’t completely control but you may be able to manage your reactions better.

You drive around safely when you are aware of the other traffic on the road and make adjustments to protect yourself.  Be aware of what causes you pain and stress and you can feel better between massages.