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Allissa Haines is a massage therapist with a private practice in Plainville, MA. She creates marketing and business resources for massage therapists at Massage Business Blueprint

Mastering the Telephone

Cartoon of old telephone receiver

Yep, we’re living in the future. We have websites, Facebook, online payments, and online scheduling. But when it comes down to it, many clients are still going to get in touch with you with that tried-and-true gadget of the 20th century, the telephone. That being said, are you telephone savvy?… Read more »

Massage Marketing 101

Social Connections marketing

Where will I get clients? That’s the question most massage students start asking a few months before graduation. You finally know your olecranon from your ischium. You don’t poke clients in the knee on every full leg effleurage, so the reality of making a living in this business starts to… Read more »

3 Important Considerations When Selecting a Massage Therapy School

school and book

Making the decision to attend a massage school is not something to take lightly.  While massage education is largely different than traditional types of education, it is nonetheless a huge investment.  Depending upon the school you choose, your location, education delivery, credential earned, etc., your financial investment could range from… Read more »