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Kat Mayerovitch is a licensed massage therapist practicing in a nonprofit chronic pain management center in Cleveland, Ohio. She also works as a copywriter, volunteers like mad in local community development, and plays the ukulele. Kat writes more good stuff at LMT or Bust.

First Impressions of a Massage Therapist

massage professional

If you’re a massage therapy student, you’ve heard it a hundred times already: first impressions matter! So you trim your nails, perfect your handshake, keep your sheets free of stains and design the most adorable business cards known to humankind. First impressions? Check! Except, this was what constituted your first… Read more »

5 Reasons Extroverts Make Great Massage Therapists

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You’ve heard about the amazing qualities that introverts bring to the massage profession, but what about the extroverts? Are they destined to be overbearing chatterboxes who fail to succeed in the massage therapy world? Hardly! Like their introverted counterparts, extroverts have their own set of superpowers at their disposal. These… Read more »

Massage Training Styles: it’s your choice!

You’d think, given licensing requirements, that massage training would be similar from one school to the next. And you’d be partially right. All massage training programs are going to cover anatomy and physiology, massage techniques, safety and hygiene, and ethics. One massage school might put a lot of emphasis on… Read more »

10 WORST Reasons to Attend Massage School

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You’d like to see a lot of naked people. Firstly, if this is your motivation, you’re wasting your money. Massage school tuition is a lot more expensive than a strip club. Secondly, there’s surprisingly little nudity involved in massage school. Draping means you’re looking at a lot of body parts:… Read more »